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Guide To Choose Value Bet in Football Betting


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Professional football bettors are probably familiar with the term Value Bet. This is one of the most popular types of bets on current betting platforms. However, for newcomers to the betting scene, "kèo lựa" might still be a big question mark. If you're also wondering about this type of bet, don't miss out on the following best football tips for today by Wintips.
What is Value Bet?
"Kèo lựa" in football betting is known as a type of bet where players seek one or more favorable odds to maximize their profits.
In terms of format, this type of bet is quite similar to parlay bets. It's a type of bet with very high winning odds and is frequently chosen by bettors. However, not everyone knows how to choose good parlay bets. Most often, bettors play based on emotions, which makes it easy to lose. Therefore, equip yourself with knowledge and experience to know which bets are easy to play and win.
What are the odds for Value Bet?
To play any type of bet or odds, one must understand it well. For the type of bet we are discussing, it's not too complex or complicated. However, it's still relatively new in the Vietnamese market in general, and Asia in particular. Nevertheless, don't overlook it because this bet ensures a lot of new experiences.
How are the odds calculated in Asia for "kèo lựa"?
When you choose an Asian sports betting bet, it will display corresponding odds in the betting menu. Select directly in the betting menu corresponding to the odds offered by the bookmaker. The amount you win depends on your bet. Each type of bet is supported, and playing each type of bet will result in different wins. Look at the example below to understand more about how "kèo lựa" odds are calculated.
Example: If you choose a match between Real Madrid and Juventus. The odds are offered at 0.89 for Real and 1.01 for Juventus in the first half. 1.04 For Juventus and 0.90 for Real in the 90 minutes of play.
If you bet 100,000 VND on Juventus in the first half and they win, you win the bet with 100,000 VND x 1.01. So you will receive 1,010,000 VND. Conversely, if they lose, you lose your bet. And if the match ends in a draw, you get your money back. Your betting amount depends entirely on the amount you bet. It also depends on the bookmaker and the odds they offer for the bet.
How are the odds calculated on European betting platforms for Value Bet?
European handicap bets are similar. However, with these types of bets, you only have three options to choose from: win-lose-draw. If you wonder how the odds for "kèo lựa" are calculated in European handicap bets, the betting formula is similar, but the odds are 33.33%.
Example: If you choose to bet on a match between team X and team Y, you must bet 100,000 VND on one of the three options: team X wins, team Y wins, or the match ends in a draw. Your odds in this case will be the odds offered by the bookmaker, as follows:
X has a winning odds of 3.4.
Y has a winning odds of 7.8.
A draw for both teams has odds of 5.0.
So if you bet on team X and they win, you'll receive 340,000 VND. You could win 780,000 VND if you bet on team Y to win. If both teams draw, you'll receive 500,000 VND. Of course, the betting outcome must match the bookmaker's winning result. Otherwise, you'll lose your bet and your money. The more money you bet, the higher the reward when you win.
サッカー ボールは緑の煙に覆われ、スタジアムの照明に囲まれています ...
Some notes when playing parlay bets
Apart from understanding dark web betting tips app specific betting strategies, don't overlook the tips for parlay betting. If you want to master all betting tables, remember the following:
Understand the concepts and rules of parlay betting
The prerequisite for participating in this type of bet is to understand the basic concepts and rules of parlay betting. Understanding how this bet works will help you stay calm and proactive when analyzing odds and placing bets at bookmakers.
Keep track of the betting boards and choose the best option
Bookmakers often provide various betting odds boards for players to refer to. Your task is to choose the bet with the highest chance of winning according to this betting odds board. You can access reputable websites to update the latest betting odds.
Beware of bookmakers' traps when placing bets
Furthermore, to become a skilled player, you need to pay attention to the traps that bookmakers set in parlay bets. Typically, bookmakers will present many confusing factors that make players confused and worried. Therefore, you should keep a cool head when deciding to play parlay bets and choosing your betting side.
Experiences from parlay betting experts
Here are some experiences from parlay betting experts that you can refer to:
If you place a bet and see the underdog team playing at home, choose that team because they have a higher chance of winning.
Wait to see the attacks of both teams to see which team is stronger and then make your choice.
If playing on neutral ground, you should choose a team that needs points to advance.
If the away team is dominating and in good form, bet on the away team.
If the bottom team scores first in the game, if possible, choose that team.
In conclusion
As you can see, participating in betting with just the rules is not enough. You need to thoroughly understand the experiences of experts when playing that particular type of bet. The above is all the information about parlay betting and tips for playing this type of bet from expert players. Hopefully, the shared information can help you confidently conquer the betting table.
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